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Free training program to participate in the Spanish informatic Olimpyade

The Spanish Informatic Olimpyade has reached a collaboration agreement with Leagues of Code and by which all those registered in this edition to the open qualifier or to any regional computer olympiade will be able to register for free in the 2021-2022 course from Leagues of Code. The course will be in spanish and wll have weekly online sessions of between one or two hours, homeworks, personalized follow - ups, individual and team training competitions, conferences of gurus from arround the world about technology and entrepreneurship. The programming language will be C++.


- The lessons will start in October 16th .

- In order to attend you must register to a regional olympiade or open qualifier.

- Once registered you will receive some instructions (probably some days later because we process them in differents blocs).


The course from League of Code will start with one exam to be placed in appropiate category (there're 15 levels). During the level test and during the course, the students will have to demostrate a serious dedication, as there exists the risks of being removed from the course because of the inadequate interest (you'll be able to come back when you do the exam again).


It's necessary to remember that the course it's free, but the real costs for each student is 1500 Euros, for this reason we can't afford to have students that are not willing to perform optimally during the course.


It's very important to remember that the course it's not only dedicated to brilliant students, is also focused on all those people that want to learn or improve their knowledge about programmming, it doesn't matter your initial level or your learning speed: the only condition is your effort.


The lessons take place on Saturdays and Sundays, often between 10:00 and 14:00, but the precisetimetable will be decided with each group. If some students cant't attended to class they will have the possibility to see the recorded class and solve the problems in the next classe. And, of course, the teachers from each group will be available during the week to solve problems linked to theory and homeworks.

If you need moire information you can visit the offical page of Spanish Informatic Olimpyade: Dónde entrenar | Olimpiada Informática Española (OIE) (olimpiada-informatica.org)