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New intensive Wordpress courses!

WordPress is the most widely used website builder due to its simplicity, power, and versatility.
The new intensive WordPress courses will allow you to build a website from scratch or perfect it if you already have one.
WordPress Intensive 1: Create Your Website. You will learn about key aspects, manage posts, user roles, taxonomy generation, themes, and plugins. You will also learn to use Gutenberg to achieve a more attractive design for your content and see how to make your WordPress site available in different languages.
WordPress Intensive 2: Enhance Your Website. Now that you have a working project with WordPress, you likely want to do more advanced things to make the most of it. With this course, you will delve deeper into WordPress to perform common actions for professionals and individuals who want to master the tool more thoroughly.
The training will be provided in both in-person and virtual formats; please check the different editions on the Cibernàrium website!