What is Cibernàrium

Cibernàrium is the training and technological dissemination program of Barcelona Activa - Ajuntament de Barcelona. It offers training for professionals and companies, as well as Internet initiation activities for all citizens.

Technological Training

The Cibernàrium formula is a wide range of activities of short duration, very practical and on a very specific topic, usually a solution, a concept or a technological tool that helps participants to develop their technological skills and, therefore, their professional training.

Informative materials about the Internet and technologies

Cibernàrium publishes informative materials in different formats: video courses, activity dossiers and multimedia contents.

Conferences and events

Cibernàrium hosts days of technological diffusion, formative and sectorial events directed to professional sectors.

Imatge de la recepció del Cibernàrium

A Modular Programming


Cibernàrium's programming includes more than 180 different activities, characterized by:

 Short duration: Between 1 and 4 hours, including some multisession activities, with a maximum of 3 sessions.

  • Practical and innovative content: About the latest trends in technologies used in real needs, especially in the professional field.

  • Flexible schedule: The same activity is repeated in different time slots to make it more accessible.

  • Updated: Quarterly programming renewal.

  • Integrated: Activities are organized according to thematic areas and professional sectors.

  • Different levels: From basic initiation activities to advanced for experts.

  • Diferents nivells: Des d'activitats d'iniciació bàsica fins a formació avançada per a experts.

  • On demand: Programming fragmentation into short-term activities makes it easier for each user to design their training program according to their needs, interests and availability.

  • Formative methodology oriented to practicality, proximity and small groups.

  • Public and free access facilities.

Where we are

Cibernàrium develops its activity in different spaces of Barcelona and its headquarters are in Media-TIC building of 22@. See more information about the Cibernàrium Spaces.

More information

You can see more information about the activities of Cibernàrium, contents and dates of the activities in the page of each one. See how to join the activities and the web workflow in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.