Cibernàrium: technological training for everyone for 20 years

At the end of last year, we celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the setting up of Cibernàrium, the training and technological dissemination centre of Barcelona Activa. Since 1999 it is a reference space in the city in technological trends and nowadays is still innovating and promoting digital talent. The aim is to improve the technological skills of citizens both in the professional aspect and in the use of technology for daily life.

Along these 20 years, Cibernàrium has scheduled more than 52,000 training sessions attended by 140,000 different people. The impact these sessions have had on users (cibers) is so positive that they value them with an average score of 8.3.

The centre has also been highly valued internationally with different awards and recognitions. For example, last year the IT Academy of Cibernàrium was the project selected as good practice in the Local Development Forum 2019 of the OECD and finalist for the DonaTIC Awards 2019. In 2018 it received the second prize in the Lifelong Learning Awards.

See the Cibernarium Report: "20 years of technological skills acquisition and outreach".

Meet Cibernàrium through the experience of some cibers:



And now what? How will it be Cibernàrium in 2030?

Digitalization poses new challenges for the future, both as a society and a city. Cibernàrium wants to anticipate the changes and innovate to continue offering, to citizens, training and knowledge tools they need throughout their lives.


Therefore, we will continue working to humanize technology and jointly build a more digital, cohesive, productive and sustainable society.

BECOME A CIBER! We are more than 140,000!

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