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Barcelona Activa is the organization responsible for boosting economic policies and local development to ensure a better quality of life for the Barcelona citizens by promoting employment, encouraging entrepreneurshipand offering support to companiesfrom the perspective of the plural economy.

Training by

Bits de TIC - Immersive experiences: potentiality and new realities

Bits de TIC - Introduction to UX design

Bits de TIC - Wireframes - saves when you create your product or service

Curs online - Introducció a les metodologies makers

Curs online - Photoshop CC (nivell avançat)

Online course - Attract clients with Instagram and Instagram Stories

Online course - Commerce through social networks

Online course - Create and manage your newsletter

Online course - Create videos for social networks

Online course - Data visualization with Google Data Studio

Online course - Design logos from grids

Online course - Effective virtual meetings

Online course - Google Ads - Create effective advertising campaigns

Online course - How to create a digital marketing plan

Online course - Illustrator CC (advanced level)

Online course - Illustrator CC (basic level)

Online course - Indesign: digital layout and design

Online course - Introduction to R and RStudio

Online course - Legislation applicable to internet activity

Online course - Make yoour own chatbot

Online course - Make your Inbound marketing campains

Online course - Moodle work with an educational training platform

Online course - Online security

Online course - Photoshop CC (basic)

Online course - REST API for digital platforms

Online course - SEO: improve the presence of your website in search engines

Online course - Storytelling as marketing strategy

Online course - Tools to improve digital productivity

Online course - Twitter as a marketing and business tool

Online course - Usability: make a web thinking about who uses it

Online Course - Use code repositories such as Git and GitHub

Online course - UX: Design with user experience

Online course - Web metrics with Google Analytics (advanced level)

Online course - Web metrics with Google Analytics (basic level)

Online course - Webinars as màrqueting tool

Online course - Wordpress.com: create a free website

Online course - Wordpress.org: manage your web from a local server

Online course- Create your digital portfolio

Online course- Instagram for touristics business

Online course- Introduction to Phyton

Online Course- Masterclass: Full consciousness in the digital age

Online curs - Datascience basics

Online curs - Facebook as marketing tool