Biography / Presentation

La Dolors Reig (@dreig) is the main author of the "El Caparazón" space. He is currently working as a freelancer in the tasks of Lecturer, consultant, professor for different companies, institutions, Universities, Business Schools, etc ... (UPF, UOC, INESDI, etc.). He is also part of several scientific committees, editorials in areas of thought, knowledge, innovation, culture, trends in the internet, etc. and collaborates with different media and expert advice (Televisió Espanyola, Televisió de Catalunya, Cadena SER, Spanish Senate, Organization of Ibero-American States, National Plan of values of Catalonia, Government of Chile, Advisory Committee of the Generalitat of Catalonia in digital competences, etc.). Graduate in Social Psychology, Master's Degree in Job Insertion, Multimedia and web development, participates frequently in different publications and events in the topics that dominate: Community dynamics, social networks, social web, Internet Trends, 2.0 company, Social Media, Social Innovation , Education, New professions, etc. He has published "Socionomia", on the "Increased Society", focused on the Internet as a boost for sociability, "The young people in the age of hyperconectivity," etc.