Barcelona Activa is starting up the IT Academy, a program for highly specialised training in the ICT sector so as to train the qualified profiles most requested by the companies of Barcelona. 



IT Academy is aimed at all those people who want to retrain themselves or find work in the ICT world, one of the better paid sectors with greater projection. That is why two types of face-to-face training have been designed to adapt better to the needs and goals of the possible participants:

Training in Programming

IT Academy offers training in Front-End, Back-End and Android Mobile using an innovative model of mentored training, in which the participants acquire knowledge about programming by means of self-learning online platforms, and participate in teams of simulation of real projects. Furthermore, with the permanent mentoring service, a professional expert will accompany them to progress when they require so.  



It is a pioneering system of learning, with flexible and personalised pathways according to each of their needs, with a duration of 350 hours, depending on their rhythm of work and of the availability of the participants. 

Training in Data analysis

Moreover, IT Academy counts on intensive courses (Bootcamp), up to 250 hours, designed to boost specific technological knowledge in data analysis, and to adapt it to the latest innovations of the ICT sector.  

Once the course is over, Barcelona Activa will help you to participate in recruitment processes to find work for all of those people who have acquired the required knowledge.