Advanced training - IT Academy

Do you want to become or find a job in the ICT sector, one of the highest demand, projected and highest paid sectors?

Cibernàrium IT Academy offers free web programming courses (Java back-end, front-end, .NET and Android).

It uses a flexible, personalized self-learning method, tailored to your work pace and availability, and includes an expert mentoring service who accompanies you throughout the process. This training model has recently received recognition from the OECD Local Development Forum. 

The program has two types of face-to-face training to better suit the needs and goals of the participants: 

1 - Web Development (reskilling)

IT Academy offers training in front-end, java back-end, .NET and Android with a duration of up to 350 hours, depending on the pace of work and the availability of each person.

Follow an innovative personalized self-learning method, which includes an expert mentoring service that accompanies you throughout the process, participation in real project simulation teams, and the development of the IT_project, a real project created by those people at the end of the training process.

Job search:

After completing your training and having acquired the necessary knowledge, Barcelona Activa offers you tools and support for your job search.

Since April 2018, more than 150 people have found work, with an insertion rate of 76%, and an average salary of more than other sectors.

2 - Lifelong learning

IT Academy also organizes short courses (maximum 20 hours), master classes with recognized profiles, and professional meetings for the enrichment of people related to the ICT sector. 


This project is co-financed by the European Union Regional Development Fund within the framework of the FEDER Operational Program of Catalonia 2014-2020.

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