El Cibernàrium

The Cibernàrium, the Barcelona Activa training and technology dissemination service, was created in 1999 with the aim of being a space in the city in technological trends now and in the future.

Today, it continues to boost digital talent and offers free technology training for everybody and for all levels.

Basic training

Start using internet, your computer or smartphone.

Specialized training

Know new programs or technological solutions that can make you progress professionally.

Avanced training

Per enfocar la teva carrera cap al sector TIC, apropa't a la IT Academy.

Promotion of scientific and i technological vocations

STEAM training and activities for boys and girls, families and teachers.


This technological training is offered in different facilities in the city: the MediaTIC building, where the Cibernàrium is, Nou Barris Activa, several libraries in Barcelona and the Ateneus de Fabricació Network.

  • Classe al Cibernàrium, l'edifici MediaTic
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Classe al Cibernàrium, l'edifici MediaTic Img