STEAM & Families

To increase interest in science, technology, engineering and math in children and adolescents, Cibernàrium launches a series of STEAM activities to foster scientific and technological vocations.

Currently, there are more jobs in the scientific and technological fields than people trained in these professional profiles. In addition, these are very masculinized sectors, with little presence of women. To solve these situations, several activities are proposed:

- Training for teachers, workshops for families, courses for students.

- They are offered in different parts of the city: schools, libraries, universities, or Ateneo de Fabricación Digital, etc.

- They have been designed and implemented in collaboration with different Knowledge Partners such as the Education Consortium of Barcelona, ​​the Universities Pompeu Fabra, Rovira i Virgili, Deusto and Polytechnic of Catalonia, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Roca Salvatella, ICUB, IBEC, among others.

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