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Cibernàrium 22@

On the first floor of the MediaTIC building, in the 22@ district of Barcelona, ​​is the Cibernàrium 22@, one of the two technological training centers of Barcelona Activa.
The MediaTIC building is an emblematic building, with pioneering architecture that has become one of the symbols of Barcelona's 22@ innovation district. The particular 38-meter-high cube has different cladding on the facades depending on its orientation and solar incidence to obtain maximum environmental efficiency and considerable energy savings. It houses an ecosystem of 14,000 square meters where innovation and research environments coexist, technological training and business activity.
On the first floor, the Cibernàrium 22@ was inaugurated in 2011, a technological training center for everyone, which has 9 classrooms equipped with computer equipment where specialized training activities in the Internet and technologies are carried out.
Advanced training activities such as the IT Academy, masterclasses in the auditorium or conferences and events related to information and communication technologies or the city's economic and development challenges also take place there. The entire floor has a free public Wi-Fi connection and a free-to-use space for work and networking.
The face-to-face training offered by Cibernàrium is distributed between Cibernàrium 22@ and Cibernàrium Nou Barris.
From Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m
Equipment use regulations:
Consult the general conditions and rules for use of Barcelona Activa's spaces and equipment.
Where are we:
Cibernàrium 22@
Edifici MediaTIC. Roc Boronat, 117, planta 1.
08018 Barcelona (Districte 22@)

Metro: Glòries (L1) i Llacuna (L4)
Bus:  6, 7, 92, 136, 192, H14, B20, B25
Tram: T4 Ca l'Aranyó
143 - c/ Sancho de Ávila, 170 / Llacuna
393 - c/ Llacuna, 86 / Pere IV
142 - c/ Sancho de Ávila, 104 / Badajoz
286 - c/ Bolívia, 76 / Ciutat de Granada
42 - c/ Ciutat de Granada 168 / Av. Diagonal
151 - c/ Pallars, 182 / Roc Boronat