Illustrator for beginners

Need to learn how to work with Illustrator from scratch? This is a hands-on activity where we will work with basic Illustrator tools to create a basic vector design. We will learn to understand and control the basic tools that allow us to make basic designs: Configure the Interface, from Illustrator; Design and edit vector objects; Transform, align and combine vector objects; Align vector objects (Layers, groups and subgroups); Edit texts; Export successfully. (Final art).

Specific goals | Temary

IMPORTANT: To take advantage of the activity, it is recommended to have prior knowledge of Illustrator and vector design or to have previously completed the Illustrator capsule for beginners or the Illustrator online courses.

Explain the Illustrator interface and how to configure it correctly.

Explain the basic theory of vectors and color modes.

Practice the theoretical and practical concepts related to the editing of vector objects (design of logos and vector images).

Learn to make basic level flyers and/or banners.

Learn Illustrator workflows, as well as the different techniques to export correctly (print and web).


1. What is Illustrator?

- The interface: visualization, appearance, samples.
- The toolbox and options.
- Color profiles (RGB and CMYK) and Illustrator preferences.

2. Draw with the pen and vector objects
- The use of the pen and options.
- Default objects and options.

3. Design of logos and vector images

- Work with the transformation, alignment and combination tools of vector objects.
- The use of groups and layers.

4. Design and composition of basic level flyers and/or banners
- Use of layers to design advertising pieces.
- Import and crop bitmap images.
- The text tools.

5. Workflows and preparation of files for print and web
- File types: AI, EPS, PDF, SVG, JPEG, PNG.


Edition 1

Mon 08/01/24 (16:00-19:00h)

Tue 09/01/24 (16:00-19:00h)

Virtual classroom

Language: Catalan
Opening of registration 24/12/2023 to 08:30 h.
Edition 2

Wed 07/02/24 (15:30-18:30h)

Thu 08/02/24 (15:30-18:30h)

Virtual classroom

Language: Catalan
Opening of registration 23/01/2024 to 08:30 h.

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Mon 08/01/24 (16:00-19:00h)
Modality: Virtual classroom
Tue 09/01/24 (16:00-19:00h)
Modality: Virtual classroom
Duration: 2 sessions

Virtual classroom
Opening of registration 24/12/2023 to 08:30 h.
Duration: 2 sessions
Price: This activity is free
Level: Specialized
Theme: Digital image and design

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Illustrator for beginners: Edition 1

Mon 08/01/24 16:00-19:00h

Virtual classroom

Tue 09/01/24 16:00-19:00h

Virtual classroom

Illustrator for beginners: Edition 2

Wed 07/02/24 15:30-18:30h

Virtual classroom

Thu 08/02/24 15:30-18:30h

Virtual classroom

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