IT Academy students who have already found a job

Begoña Fernández
"After dedicating my life to architecture and design, I found the ICT sector. With IT Academy I've been able to grow and establish myself in this field where, with hard work, there is only growth and success. Throughout this journey, I've learnt from fantastic people who have supported me both on a professional and human level."
Marta Tost
"Thanks to the IT Academy I have made the professional change I had been looking for for a long time. The methodology gives you maximum flexibility, learning at your own pace, and with the support of both colleagues who make the same journey, as well as the magnificent mentoring team that guides you. I have already recommended it to more than one person!"


Xavier Roldán
"Having lost my job I considered a career change. Thanks to the IT Academy I obtained knowledge that I have been able to demonstrate in interviews to get back into work. Also, being at the Cibernàrium, I would stay in the afternoons to complete the training with other activities."
Marc Plans

"The IT Academy experience has been a very good opportunity for me to continue to train and work in what I like best, and above all, with the support of a great human team and sharing it with a community where we all learn from everyone."


Paolo Gambardella
"Thanks to IT Academy I had the opportunity to visualize my potential to reinvent my career. I had the pleasure of sharing experience with people from very different sectors and ages, and addressing my concerns with the effort for training, guidance and job placement".
Mònica Pascual
"Carrying out this course was a great success. He introduced me to a world that fascinated me, what I was looking for, providing me with the practical knowledge to start working. The job interview, IT Academy, led me to work at one of the most important companies in the sector".


Romina Rua
"IT Academy represents an entry platform for the ICT sector, a guide that currently demands the labour market, through a synthesized study plan, educational tools, methodologies, training quality and commitment. All to achieve an adapted work to your professional profile".
David Ortiz
"The opportunity to be part of IT Academy has been unique. From the first day I worked with a group of people focused on a single objective: to become IT professionals. With their support and in-depth training, I conducted several interviews with specialized companies in the sector ".


Jose Luis Sánchez
"IT Academy has been a very effective and innovative program that has allowed me to acquire knowledge and skills to guide my career. A shared experience with people from different sectors but with the same concerns and objectives".
Raquel Alvear
"With IT Academy I have made a 180º turn in my life. I have gone from business intelligence programmer to teacher, thanks to the support of coordinators, teachers and all the companies. Together with all the materials and interviews, all the ingredients are given for success".


Guillem Duñó
"IT Academy has allowed me, for one hand, to catch up with the new technologies and, on the other hand, to feel accompanied by my colleagues and the great team of mentoring and tutoring. Four months of discipline intense to put the foot in the ICT sector!".
José Farfus
"I have obtained the guidance I needed to channel my efforts and change my professional profile in the IT sector. Everything in a real work environment to prepare me to enter my profession. Thanks to IT Academy today I am doing what I like developing software in a high-profile ICT company ".


Esperanza León
"At IT Academy not only do you put at your fingertips the technical means to train you, but they give you support,  motivate you to give yourself security and not be afraid to throw yourself at the pursuit of what we want. The human factor in the IT Academy, for me, has more value than the technological one. I will always be grateful to the whole team for this opportunity. Now I start a new phase, which I am sure will be exciting".
Luisa Tenorio
"In one of the most critical moments of my life the IT Academy has been the indispensable ingredient for my personal and professional reconstruction, all the elements have been fundamental to feel motivated, culminating with a hiring in one of the leading companies in the IT sector thanks to the job interviews carried out by the team coordinators. A professional experience 360 towards you success".



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