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In this section we include the most usual doubts related to Cibernàrium. If you can't find what you are looking for, get in touch with us.


05. If I haven’t been admitted to the activity I’m interested in, what can I do?

Título pregunta 7 FAQ

Título pregunta 7 FAQ

>> Face-to-face activities

There are no waiting lists in Cibernàrium. Therefore, what you can do is watching out for a cancellation. When that happens, it is automatically displayed on the website (on the activity tab) that there is a free place and the registration button is active again.

You can quickly know what activities have free places by looking at the Free Places section of the website.

If the day of the activity there are no free places you can also come, nevertheless. If a registrant does not show up, you can take their place. Logically we cannot guarantee that there will be absences and that you can access. Places that are freed by absence of a registrant will be given to the people that are waiting by strict order of arrival.

On the other hand, you can also find some tools for self-training that you will find at Mediateca: dossiers, video courses and multimedia material related to the activities at Cibernàrium.

You can also try the online self-training courses that you can find in the Online section of the web.

>> Online activities

Online activities have a large number of places and have sessions programmed continuously.

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