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16. How do I enroll or "take" an online course?

Pregunta FAQ 16

Pregunta FAQ 16

The online training of Cibernàrium is a set of self-training activities that combine videos and written support materials, which complement the offer of face-to-face activities.


  • Online activities are structured in modules and each module contains several lessons. Each lesson presents different videos of a maximum of 10 minutes and written materials.
  • Modules and lessons must be done in order: you can not access the contents of a lesson if you have not completed the previous ones.
  • At the end of the last lesson there is a self-assessment questionnaire and a summary of the main concepts.
  • If the courses offer practical activities, they are self-evaluated, they do not have external correction.
  • The videos are not downloadable. You can download support documents in pdf format for your personal use.
  • The activities are in Catalan. To watch subtitled videos in Spanish, click on the CC button that you will find in the video playback bar and select language.


  • Registration for online activities is done through the web, as well as in the on-site activities.
  • You can sign up at any time while the registration is open, even if the activity has already begun.
  • You can sign up to as many online activities as you like and you can also do them more than once.

Duration of the activity

  • Once you have been enrolled in an online activity you can consume the content during the time the edition is open, depending on your availability of time.

Access to the contents

  • You have to access the Cibernàrium website as a registered user.
  • You will find the online activities you are enrolled in the Personal Area, Activities section, Activities section in progress.
  • They are also displayed on the Home page. In the central part of this page, the section My courses shows the activities you are enrolled in. The icon [+] displays the information and the access to the course.
  • At the bottom of the Introduction page of each course you can find the List of Modules, that drives you to the content.

Certificate of assistance and penalties

  • Online activities generate certificate of assistance, available from the Personal Area at the time of completion.
  • To obtain the certificate you need to have passed all modules of the activity.
  • Online activities do not generate penalties if they are not completed.


If there is any problem during the registration or development of the course, contact the Cibernàrium through our form.

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