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08. What is the registration regulations of Cibernàrium?

Título pregunta 9 FAQ

Título pregunta 9 FAQ

>> Face-to-face activities

Maximum number of registrations 

You can sign up for all the activities you want, as long as they do not match the time between them (in this case the system will block the registration).

No assistance and penalty

If you do not attend an activity or do not unregister from it at the latest 12 hours before it starts, the system will penalize you and you will not be able to enroll in any other Cibernàrium activity in the next 30 days..

You can only void a penalty for absence due to health reasons or because you have been in a job interview. Both cases must be accredited with an absence note (medical or from the company). You can send the absence note personally in the reception of Cibernàrium or through the contact form.

Attendance control

It is a must to sign the attendance sheet at the Cibernàrium Reception before entering the classroom. In the case of not signing it, the attendance will not be registered and the penalty for absence will be applied.

Activities with more than one session imply obligatory attendance to the first one to participate in the following ones.

In order to guarantee rigor and formative quality, the activities begin punctually. It will not be possible to access the classrooms 15 minutes after the start time.

The realization of the activities is conditioned to the enrollment of a minimum of students. In the event of cancellation, it will be notified to the inscribed persons.

>> Online activities

Maximum number of registrations

You can sign up for as many activities as you want. You can also repeat an activity that you have already done in a previous session.

Completion of the course and penalty

The non-completion of an online activity does not generate penalty or restrictions to point to another.

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